Social is one of the most happening cafés and bars in India, and now it is going to take over VH1 Supersonic 2020. Yes, you’ve heard that right. If you have ever been to Social, then you can understand what we are talking about. VH1 Supersonic 2020 is the event that is going to take place in Pune, India in February, and in that event, Social will have its own stage and signature bars.

The association between Supersonic and Social comes on the lines of promoting diverse music genres that are produced in India. This collaboration between VH1 Supersonic and Social is going to result in high-octane fun for all those who attend it. You will also see some of the best bartenders in attendance such as Signature Super Troopers or Electric LLIIT to ensure that the people have the best time ever at the event.

Social has been a great cultural partner of VH1 Supersonic for the last three years, and this association has further consolidated this year. A chalet has been formed at the event, which will curate all the bars and provide a great experience to festivalgoers. A number of home-grown artists will grace the event with their presence and entertain the fans who will hail from different parts of the world.

Here is the list of an all-female line-up that will collaborate with, which is a music collective that focuses on women empowerment in the industry. You will enjoy the performance of DJ Pulpy Shilpy, Kaleekarma, Anushka and Kini Rao on the first day with DJ Kumail, Ox7gen, Spacejams, Bhish B2B Chhabb on the second day. As far as day three is concerned, then you will see Mozez, Stalvart John, Rafiki and Zokhuma in action.

The business head of Social, Mayank Bhatt has given a statement in which he said, “Social has always brought communities together, and as a strong ally of the Indian Indie music industry, we wanted to showcase home-grown talent on our stage, and there wasn’t a better opportunity than collaborating with VH1 Supersonic. It has been a great experience for our team to work together and form a line-up, which won’t just add a breath of fresh air but also promote forward-thinking.”

The Social bar team is going to serve beverages in an unprecedented way at the festival. From coffee to classic LLIITs, those who are in attendance will be able to enjoy the signature Super Troopers in three different variants. Top brands like Smirnoff, Budweiser, Jameson and Stranger & Sons will be offered to the guests along with the sparkling wine in ‘Chandon’. This will be the first time that such premium brands will be offered to people, so it is going to be an unforgettable event.For more information click at VH1 Activate.

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