NBC is an immensely popular app in the US because of its mammoth library of content, which continues to grow with every passing day. NBC app allows users to watch the news, sports, entertainment, travel & leisure, and many more niches. To watch content on NBC, make sure to install and activate it on your streaming device or smartphone/tablet. There are no charges for downloading the app, but yes, after signing up for the service, you will have to pay a monthly price of $12.

Let’s just skip this part and focus on activating the app. NBC app can be activated from the NBC com activate the link, but in case, you are unable to activate the app via this link, then you will have to look for an alternative solution. Here are the steps that you can follow to activate your NBC app in case it is not activating through the most common procedure.

  1. If the NBC app is not activating, then you will have to troubleshoot the app by clearing the cache and cookies on your web browser. You can go to the ‘Preferences’ option in the ‘Menu’ tab to clear cache and cookies. With this step, you can also reduce the problem of data or storage.
  2. Now, you will have to surf the internet in incognito or private mode, whichever is available. You can find either of these options in the ‘Options’ menu of the web browser.
  3. If you’re still not able to activate the app, then you will have to switch to a different browser.

This is the best alternative to activating the NBC app if the www.nbc.com/activate link is not working or the app is not getting activated through that link. However, if you are still not able to activate the app, then make sure you have an account on the NBC app because if you don’t, then the problem of being unable to activate the NBC app will continue to exist. Signing up for NBC is a simple process where you will have to enter some of the basic details.

Sign up for the app followed by signing in using the credentials that you have created during the sign-up process and then, try to activate the app. We are sure that you will be able to go through the activation step this time. However, if the problem still exists, then you will have to get in touch with experts because only they can now help you with the activation process. Contact Channel activate support facility for the best assistance. For more information click on NBC Activate.

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